Sunday, November 15, 2009

iteratee status

I haven't posted for a while, so I wanted to provide a small update. I've been working on the following updates:

1) Providing integrated pure and monadic iteratees. I've just implemented an iteratee class, but I don't yet know how performance compares to the original version. I'm also considering a GADT version, but I suspect it'll look ugly.

2) Exception and error handling. Haven't done much work, but I've been thinking about this and have some ideas to implement. Strings are not sufficient.

3) Reorganizing the modules. Most of this is done, although to some extent the final version will depend upon results of item 1.

4) Performance. I've been developing a benchmark suite utilizing Criterion. The ultimate goal is to use this suite to compare performance of multiple versions of the library.

5) Parsec integration. This resulted from a user request. It's useful enough that I'll probably integrate it into the main distribution.

Also, there's a trac instance available.

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